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At Varahi Astro Solutions, we find astrological solutions to problems that trouble people in different stages of one’s life. Using Prasanna Jothidam, we answer questions regarding your specific problems, identify the root cause, and with Kerala Maanthrigam we find remedies and perform pujas to overcome your current problem. We offer real and positive solutions to overcome problems such as unemployment, business issues, delays in marriage, marital problems, misunderstanding in families, financial problems, health issues, etc.

Business owners who are keen to grow their businesses will find our astrological services very useful.  With Prasanna Jothidam, we identify the root cause of your current problems, and suggest steps you should take to remove the obstacles that are hindering your growth.  In a recent such case for a private company, that was suffering with ever decreasing earnings, we determined that a simple change to their logo would put a halt to their problems.  Using Numerology, we suggest suitable names for your business, or changes to the names of existing business entities, or for the persons involved.

Marriage matching is FREE.  At Varahi Astro Solutions, horoscope matching for marriage is done free of cost.  Please bring the horoscopes of the boy and the girl and we will determine how good a match they are to each other.  If you don’t have their horoscopes that is fine too – just bring the date, time, and place of birth of both the boy and the girl.  When we determine that a boy and a girl are a good match for each other, we do not charge you.  We humbly suggest, that prior to their engagement ceremony, you make a small donation of Rs.301 either to a old-age home or an orphanage of your choice.

Pujas and Mantrams.  As you are aware, the same exact mantram will work differently for different people.  Using Prasanna Jothidam, we can determine the mantram is suitable to you – the one that would “click” for your situation.  Using Vedic Astrology, we advise people on the things they should include in their life and those things they should avoid.  Using Prasanna jothidam, we can find subtle information that are key to your progress such as which deity to worship?  Which deity is your “Kula Deivam?”  How to workship?  What Prarthana or Pujas should be performed?  What benefits and changes would it bring about in your life?  -- Our speciality is providing such in-depth astrological insights to bring about a real positive change in your life.  

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